Weekly Plan – 21st till 25th October


Way Ahead Topic 4:  Grammar – Must/ Mustn’t  / Future tense

Comprehension –  Witch goes shopping

Creative Writing – Writing  an Advertisement

Reading –  Cities and Jack and the Beanstalk


N34 – Odd and Even  (Number Textbook 2)

N36 – Doubling and Halving

N37 – Multiplying

N38 –  Dividing


Grammatika – Is-Sinonimi

Taħriġ il-Fehem –  Bejgħ li rnexxiex

Kitba –  Persuna li  nammira (share and peer response)

Qari – Senduq Kuluri


Kapitlu 2 – Lezzjonijiet 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Studji Soċjali:

Jien u l-Oħrajn


Other lessons and activities:

PSD, Science and Swimming session (Monday)

Music (Tuesday)

Art (Wednesday)

Get a cup for milk and a small fork for fruit.

Don’t forget to help the Istrina Campaign – we have the piggy bank in class. Thank you.


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