Weekly Plan – 7th till 11th October


Way Ahead Topic 3:  Grammar – Requesting, Offering, Giving Directions

Comprehension –  Pet Parade

Creative Writing – Writing Instructions

Reading – Ocean Adventure


N29 – Rounding (Number Textbook 2)

M1 – Length (Shape, Data and Measures)

M2 – Weight

M3 – Capacity


Grammatika – In-Nomi Komuni u Proprji / il-Kollettiv

Taħriġ il-Fehem –  Arrestati wara sejba tad-drogi  (Malti Manija Komprensjoni)

Kitba –  Inċident li rajt (Naqsmu l-kitbiet tagħna mal-oħrajn)

Qari – Senduq Kuluri


Kapitlu 1 – Lezzjonijiet  1.6, 1.7 u 1.8  Mose’ u Martin Luther King

Studji Soċjali:



Other lessons and activities:


PSD and Science lesson (Monday)

Music and P.E (Wednesday)

Swimming lesson (Friday) – Don’t forget to get all the things needed as written in the paper we gave you.

Get a cup for milk and a small fork for fruit.


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