Weekly plan for the 18th till 22nd March


Grammar – Way Ahead Topic 10 and 11 Comparatives & Superlatives, using has/have + past participle

Comprehension – Welcome Easter

Writing –

Last Saturday, my parents were invited for a wedding and they
left me at my grandmother’s house . . . . . . Continue the story.

Maths –

N 14, N15 and N16 Common Multiples, Multiplying & Dividing

Malti –

Grammatika – Il-Pronomi Mehmużin

Taħriġ il-Fehem –  Il-Gadawdu

Kitba –  Fit-triq tiegħi hemm dar antika….

Reliġjon –

San Ġorġ Preca – Henjin dawk ta’ qalbhom Safja,

San Domenico Savio – Henjin dawk li jġibu l-paċi

Studji Soċjali

It-temp  estrem

Other lessons & Activities:

P.E, PSD and Music (Wednesday)  Art (Thursday), Mass  of  Our Lady of Sorrows (Friday)

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