Writing a Newspaper Report

Happenings                                                                 2nd December  2012

Gold Land

It was the 2nd of December in 2012. A scientist was on his ship. He was going to Spain. Then he saw a glowing island. He turned 90 degrees to the right and followed the glowing island in the middle of the ocean. Finally, he arrived and went on the island. Around him everything was made out of gold even the people. He was amazed. He kept on walking and after a while in front of him he saw a huge gold castle. He went inside and saw a king and a queen sitting on gold thrones. He met them and talked to them. They gave him a gold pizza and his teeth all fell out. He said ‘bye’ and got out. He took out a gold diamond and a crystal diamond that he got from home.  He put them pointing to the sun. They formed a wonderful rainbow and the people of Gold Land were fascinated. They had never seen a rainbow, especially a gold and silver one. Then he went in a silver hotel. He didn’t even sleep because the bed was too hard. After one day he got out of Gold Land and straight on his boat very tired. He slept on his boat. It started to rain. He didn’t even notice with the wind that the boat turned clockwise and he was going the wrong way.  It reached a land called Concert Land and he lived there forever and ever.


The Glowing Island

Kristina Catania

Year 5.1


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