Weekly plan for Week 21 – 25th till 1st March 2013

English –

Grammar – Way Ahead Topic 10  –  using if + will+ verb (the first conditional)

Comprehension –  The Big Match

Writing – Writing an email

Maths –

N6 , N7, N8 and N9

Multiplying & Dividing TU by U

Proper, Improper & Equivalent Fractions

Malti –

Grammatika – In-Negattiv

Taħriġ il-Fehem – Id-Dinja qed tisħon

Kitba – Nikteb rapport ta’ gazzetta (pjan)

Religjon –

Topik 14 – San Franġisk – Henjin il-fqar fl-Ispirtu

Studji Soċjali:

It-Temp u l-Klima ta’ Malta

Other lessons & Activities:


Luxol Sports Day (Tuesday),  Mass & P.E. (Wednesday),  Art lesson




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