Weekly plan for Week 18 – 4th to 8th February

English –

Grammar – revision exercises & past papers

Comprehension –  Making a Pizza (PP 2011)

Writing – From past paper 2011


Maths –

Mental Tests, revision and past papers


Malti –

Grammatika – Idjomi u Qwiel

Taħriġ il-Fehem – minn past paper

Kitba – minn past paper



Reviżjoni minn past papers


Studji Soċjali:

Reviżjoni minn past papers


Other lessons & Activities:

Science (Monday), P.E., PSD and Music (Wednesday),  Vittoriosa Outing (Thursday),  Carnival Activity (Friday – school finishes at noon)


Test Dates:

Maths – Monday 4th February

English – Tuesday 5th February

Malti u Studji Soċjali – Wednesday 6th February


One thought on “Weekly plan for Week 18 – 4th to 8th February

  1. sheldon cassar

    my classmate i am a student and as student we all have classmates. our classmates are all different and togheter we make one big family while we learn from each other. i would like to introduce you to one of my classmates]. his name is redeemer and he is nine years old. his birthday falls on the 11 th of august and he lives in siggiewi. he has got spiky; brown hair and brown eyes. he likes to wear jeans.redeemer is a taikative boyand moody.one thing he is really good at is maths.his favourite hobby is football. At school he really anjoys the maths lesson. He wants to become a chef when he grows up.redeemer is a great friend. he takes after his father. i couldn’t have found better classmates to sit next to me in class and i truly hope that we will stay togheter during the years to come.

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