Sweets Land

Once there lived a family. They were called the Catania family. The Catania family was formed from three triplets that were baby girls, three triplet boys and there were obviously two parents. The Catania family decided that they would like to go to Sweets Land. They searched online about Sweets Land and went.

The Catania family packed the stuff they needed and went straight to the airport. They saw a lot of fascinating old and colourful planes. They went on an Air Malta. They went on the plane and started writing on their scrapbooks. Finally they reached Sweets Land. They went on a bus to their hotel. It’s name was The Sweets Land Special Hotel. They unpacked their stuff and went to sleep.


There was a sign that said : Warning do not eat people and vehicles.On the first day they climbed the Chocolate Mountain. The whole family drank a bit of  the chocolate syrup that sprayed out. Four  of the children named Sophia, Timmy, John and Jasmine. They were so cute. Mum and dad got them out from almost falling. Then they slided  from the Chocolate Slide. They went back to the hotel and slept in a comfy bed that was made out of liquorice, cotton candy and candy canes. They all slept together. How sweet!


On the second day the family went to the Candyfloss forest. They eat some candy floss from the snack bar. Then Kate asked if she could climb a tree and her parents said “ Ok but be careful”. They pushed her on top of the tree she relaxed and dipped her finger and she started turning her finger and when she stopped she made a cute little curl on the tree. They had saw someone. She was hunting for something but what? The family asked her what she was hunting for? She told them that she was hunting for the mysterious monster. After a while the family helped the woman Anna. Finally they found the monster and captured it. It was red and orange with five eyes, three-hundred legs, one-hundred sixty-five noses and mouths and five hands. Before they captured him they were hiding behind a bush. The monster was made out of every type of sweets but mostly with Gummy Bears. The monster growled. The family set him free in a cage. They had lots of fun!

On the next day they went to the yummy toffee lake. They drank from the lake. Kate almost fell in the lake. After they got a magic rock each made a wish and threw it in the toffee lake and all the wishes came true and after the rocks magicaly got back in there backpacks each and one of them. Till now they took all the pictures of all the places they went. On the day after they went to the Sweets life Plaza. They saw the marshmellow’s fountain dance and took one each. They eat at a restaurant named Papa’s Freezeria and had an ice-cream sundae each. Later on they went to the cinema.


On the last day the Catania family went to the most famous place in Sweetsland the Candy Castle. The Castle was huge. The door was made out of liquorice and sweet hearts and lollipops the back round was made out of candy canes and a little sugary ladybirds. The inside was all made out of chocolate and some was melted. They greeted the Queen and King and talked to them. They eat churros and jelly for desert and eat lunch together. They said bye and went home. After a while they went home and washed all the clothes they used.


by Kristina Catania

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