Going on Holiday…

This year the Stuart family are going on a holiday to France. Mr and Mrs Stuart have two kids, a girl and a boy. The oldest one is the girl named Kelly and the boy is named Joe. Kelly is ten years old while Joe is five years old. When Kelly ate her breakfast she went straight up to her room to pack up her things to put them in her suitcase. Her little brother Joe packed all his action figures in the front zip. The family Stuart went to the airport by car happily. When the Stuart family arrived at the airport Joe saw a plane and he wanted to ride one, mum didn’t let him. She said to him “Stay quit Joe! We are going to ride one soon!”Then it was time to go, so the Stuart family went on the plane. When Kelly and Joe were on the plane, they were very excited because it was their first flight to France. It took them two hours to arrive in France. When they arrived they went on a public bus to visit the Eiffel tower. Mr Stuart took out the tourist guide book and searched for the Eiffel tower. They went up to the Eiffel Tower up the stairs.Kelly and Joe didn’t want to go up because they thought that they won’t make it. So they decided to take the lift. They saw a wonderful view up there.For the next three days they visited many interesting places like Paris and Lourdes. It was time to go home and they started to pack their luggage.OH! How many souvenirs they bought! They went to the airport and boarded the plane. When they got back home they helped their mum to wash the clothes that they used during the holiday.


Dawson Farrugia (Creative Writing)


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