A stray animal during a stormy day…

Once upon a time there lived a stray  hamster. It was a female. Her name was Snowy. Snowy was white as snow. Snowy’s nose was as red as a blooming rose. Snowy’s eyes were as blue as the sea. Snowy’s legs and hands were as small as a bolt. When you grab Snowy you think she is a snowball.  Once she was out playing with her stray and cuddly little friends. It was sunny the sun was burning and bright. They were at the beach. Snowy, Sky and Rikky were playing hamster ball. Skipper and Runner were swimming and diving in the sea. Then it was getting foggy, the clouds were huge and grey, there was thunder and lightning. The clouds covered the sun. Then Snowy, Sky, Skipper, Runner and Rikky were freezing and very scared. They packed everything in the soaking wet caravan their size. Then Snowy, Sky, Runner, Skipper and Rikky fell out of the caravan. Then they bundled up together, Snowy was the warmest and the most warming them up. They were all soaking wet and trembling with fright. Then Runner carried Snowy, Sky, Skipper and Rikky on his back to a place near by that he had spotted. It was called Sea Bank Hotel. They wiped there feet on a purple and pink huge mat. They secretly snuck in. There was a party going on.

It was the party of Sheriden, the girl  who had adopted Runner once. Runner missed her. When the children went playing Runner took a piece of cake. Luckily the adults were talking. Then Sky flew with his ears and stole a slice of pizza. Then Skipper saw a plate full of nuggets and chips. Then she saw a huge cup of water she thought it was a pool and with her skipping rope Skipper used it as a Losso of cowgirls. Then she cut the nuggets with her laser eyes. Then Rikky flicked her blonde hair on her head then she saw a packet of Cheese Puffs and a packed of Twisties and with her long hair she cought them both. Then they all went outside again and eat a meal. With the brush and scissors of Rikky the cut the cup of water and made them there own size. After they had ate the meal Snowy cuddled up together with them and they slept. Then a Land Rover came and saw them and stopped in front of them. They were so cute! Then the fathers and Sheriden adopted the hamsters and Runner again. When they woke up they found themselves in a colourful cage with pipes, water and food. Then Sheriden caught Runner, Rikky, Sky, Skipper and Snowy in her big hands and gave them all a kiss. They were very happy with there new and old owner and they lived happily ever after.


by Kristina Catania


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