The Lonely Monster


Once upon a time there lived a girl whose name was Kristina. She had two parents and their names were Gottfried and Anna Catania.

One day, Kristina opened her cupboard and went into it. It started to open and close and then it slammed shut and she appeared in front of a huge castle. Kristina went inside the castle and found a kin, a queen, a princess and a baby princess. The place was getting foggy. The baby princess started to cry.  After a while the fog went away and the baby princess stopped crying. The queen told Kristina why they got her there. The reason was that they chose her to fight a monster. They thought that she was brave enough to do this. They also explained that there was a huge and colourful monster in the woods. So they asked her “Will you go please?” and she said “Ok.” And so she went. Near the castle there was a place called Dead City. Kristina started to feel scared but she said to herself “Don’t worry Kristina, I will be okay.” She looked everywhere and finally she found the awaited monster. But to her surprise she said a girl monster a few miles away. Before she killed the monster she told him “ Mr.Monster before you kill me, I want to tell you something. I saw a female monster like you so I would like to make a deal with you. If you don’t kill me, I will lead you to this girl monster. Deal?” “That is a good idea. Deal !!”, said the monster and they both shook hands. Big hand with small hand! So Kristina lead him to the female monster and they loved each other so much. The male monster thought that the female was an angel and the female thought that the male was an angel and they agreed to get married. Kristina went to tell the queen and the prince that they do not have to be afraid of the monster anymore.

 Kristina went back to her home. She said “Ah I love home sweet home!” Then she found a genie in her study room. The genie said “You can have 3 wishes.” “Ok” she said.  She wishes that she had lots of more wishes and that she gets married and that she has lots of more adventures in the future. Then she grew older and all her wishes were granted. She really got married and lived happily ever after.

by Kristina Catania


2 thoughts on “The Lonely Monster

  1. Sheriden

    Wow great story I loved the part when you told the monster that there was a female monster great ideas always get out of you and ou readers sometimes you should try it too

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