Weekly plan for Week 17 – 28th January till 1st February


Grammar – Revision of grammar done during the year and exercises from past papers

Comprehension – From past paper

Writing – Writing an invitation


M9 Seconds , Mental Tests, Revision of topics for Half Yearly


Grammatika – In-numri Ordinali, Omonomi

Taħriġ il-Fehem –  Il-Karru Penz

Kitba – Meta ħriġna nistadu (kitba)


Reviżjoni tat-topiks

Studji Soċjali

L-Akwakultura u reviżjoni


This week we have the last set of students to do their Show and Tell Sessions… prepare a 5 minute talk on something that you choose. Bring the artefact to class and do your presentation 😉

Other activities:

This week I will give you a note with all topics that you have to study for Half Yearly.  Start your revision!

We will also do the correction of  the past papers you worked during the Christmas Holidays – Half Yearly 2010

Dates for Revision Tests before the  Half Yearly Exams – 

1st February – Religion test

4th February – Maths test

5th February – English test

6th FebruaryMaltese test

7th February – Social Studies test

Other lessons by peripatetic teachers

Tuesday – Drama lesson

Wednesday – PE lesson

Thursday – Music and PSD lesson


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