Seagulls are attentive and caring parents. The male and female pair for life and they take turns incubating the eggs, and feeding and protecting their chicks. They lay eggs two to three at a time and it takes 26 days to hatch them. Male seagulls have red legs.

Sometimes seagulls can glide and soar for a long time. They can also live a long time, up to 40 years in captivity but typically only 10 in the wild. Seagulls are smart. They learn, remember and even pass on behaviours, such as stamping their feet in a group to imitate rainfall and trick earthworms to come to the surface to make it easier for them to find food.

They have a small claw half way up their lower leg which they use to prevent being blown off narrow ledges when they sit down or roost. They have excellent eyesight and unlike most birds their eyes can move in their sockets.

Miriana Bugeja


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