A Magical Story

cave men with foodOnce there was a caveman. He had a child. He went hunting and left the child alone. The child’s name was Briana.

Briana was a girl. She didn’t know what to do alone. So she saw a bee. The bee was a magical bee and it could talk. The bee saw the poor little girl doing nothing, so it flew down and with its magic; it became strong and was able to lift Briana. Then the bee took her to the future and took her to a sad man that wished for a baby girl.

The bee left Briana with the man and told him to raise her well.   Just then the cave man returned home and he didn’t find Briana, so he went nuts to find her!   The bee went back to the past and when it saw the caveman he went back to the future found a baby doll that looked like Briana and went back to the past and gave it to the caveman.

When the caveman saw the baby doll, he felt happy and both man and caveman lived happily ever after!

Miriana Bugeja (during a journaling session)


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