Weekly plan for Week 10


Grammar – Way Ahead Topic 6

Comprehension –  Raisins

Writing –Dialogue /  Writing instructions (a recipe)


Shapes S1 to S4 – Shape, Data and Measures


Grammatika – Il-Passat (il-Perfett)

Taħriġ il-Fehem – Ġorġ u l-Mediċina Maġika

Kitba – Storja bl-istampi


Eżekjel jurina x’jagħmel l-Ispirtu ta’ Alla – Topik 9

Studju Soċjali:

L-Ambjent Soċjali – Gruppi u Jien u l-Ambjent

Other lessons & activities:

I.C.T. lesson and PSD  (on  Thursday)

JEANS DAY – bring €1 (on Thursday)

Outing – Siġġiewi walking tour and Limestone Heritage outing. Come in P.E tracksuit  (on Friday 30th).


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