Out at sea

Last month, on a bright sunny day we went for a fishing experience. I went with my whole family. We caught a lot of fish. While we were in the middle of the ocean, rain and thunder started and everyone panicked because we thought that the perfect storm was going to happen.
Luckily we had four air jackets to rescue ourselves if the boat started to sink. We wore the air jackets and jumped into the sea. I saw an island ahead of us like 10 metres away. We all tried to reach the island but a huge wave pushed us far away.  We struggled to keep alive.

Then two hours later the weather changed. It became crystal clear and we rowed towards the island. We had made it.  We were so tired that we went to sleep. In the morning we built a boat and went back home.

by Amber Grace Scerri (during a creative writing lesson)


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