The Storm

We went for an adventure in summer 2012. We went for a holiday on the boat with my family. My family and I were going to France. There was my uncle Chris there, so we were going to see him and see my cousins too.

But unfortunately, while we were in the middle of the sea the weather changed. It became very rainy and the boat was twisting right and left. There was a big iceberg and so many waves that we had to jump into the sea to be safer. But the water was cold and I was freezing. We were very tired, my father saw an island, and we all swam slowly to the island. I was exhausted. The island was near France and we were there.
It was more adventure than we had expected. I learned that we need to be aware of the weather forecast before we go out at sea.

by Swami Avellino (during a creative writing lesson)


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