The Dog

Once there was a dog who loved to do lip gloss. Her owner, Lilly, went to France. She invited her cousin who was a dog sitter. She took care of Lilly‘s dog. Amy the dog sitter lived in Ħal-Luqa. Once, Amy took Sofy for a walk. The dog took her lip gloss too. When she was walking the dog talked. Her owner never noticed that Sofy talked. When Amy heard Sofy talking, she fainted. The dog had a purse. In the purse she had a mobile. She called the ambulance. She was soon fine and when she woke up the dog started dancing. When she saw the dog dancing she fainted again. When she was feeling better the dog and Amy went home. When Lilly’s family came home Sofy began to sing and dance. They all fainted. When they woke up they could not believe their eyes. They got used to Sofy’s singing and dancing and they lived happily after.

by Crista Mangion (during a journaling session)

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