Out at sea

A few weeks ago my family and i decided to go for a day with our boat for fishing.My mother and i prepared lot of food and drinks to take with us.

On that morning all of us wake up at four o’clock.The weather was very clear with blue sky.Our boat was in Marsaxlokk. From Marsaxlokk till we came in front Filfla everything was allright. We had already caught some small fish,ate something and we were enjoying the smell of the sea.At one time the sky became grey and wind began to blow.After a few minutes the boat began to swing from left to right because the sea become rough.Far away,my father saw a large fish and we were afraid,we thought it was a shark but when we saw it again,it was a dolphin.The weather became more fierce and also the rain began to fall.

We prayed a lot because other boats were far from us and no one could help us.The only way we could save ourselves was to move to Ghar Lapsi bay that is in front of Filfla.It was difficult,but we tried although my mum and i thought that we are going to die that moment.It was a very bad day i cried a lot because my stomach was charning with fear.After a long time we made it to the bay and there were people waiting for us to help us.My father and some people pulled the boat up from the sea.A helicopter rescued the other boats that were still outside in that storm.They had done it but their boat and our boat were a whole mess.

At least nobody died and thanks to God everyone was saved.

By Charlene Farrugia (during a creative writing lesson)


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