Star the Flying Pony


I am Star the flying pony
I have blue eyes and my colour is very nice.

When I see my family they all say Hi
When I see my friends we’ll all fly goodbye

When I eat and drink I always choose right
and then I go to sleep at midnight

My friends are all of different kind
but my special one is always first in line

Her name is Buttons the flying bunny
she’s a lot of fun and very funny.

Me and my friends are always laughing
sometimes we take an adventure casting

through the casting we go left and right
but we never ever fight

Today we were going to the library to read books
then we’re going to change some of our looks

Me and my friends love skateboarding
sometimes we go recording

Minnie is our favourite character
sometimes we even go and visit her

Like best friends we always do
we always hug and talk about you

that’s all the time we have today
I hope you enjoyed it HOORAY!

by Sheriden Balzan (during a journaling session)

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