Little Comfy Restaurant

Little Comfy Restaurant is the most popular restaurant in Malta. It has all types food. The owner of this place is Alfa Lunghe a chef from Italy. In this dining place you can eat on comfy sofas and beds, you will have your own room. The room will have a personal TV as well. The menu will be ordered on an I Pad 4 and you can keep it till you pay the bill. It is like the food is served by room service. The prices are very reasonable. This place is in St. Gorge De Mecco Street in Siggiewi. Children under 7 years of age eat free and those older kids can order from their menu(chicken nuggets+chips+drink,burger+chips+drink,pizza+coke,cheese fingers+chips+drink,fish fingers+chips +drink and chicken wings+chips+drink). So come and enjoy the low prices at Little Comfy Restaurant. And if you want to stay there for a weekend break we have a special offer: Spend more than 100 euro and we will give you two nights free.

by Sheriden Balzan (during a journaling session)


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