Out at sea

This adventure took place in Winter.  The weather was stormy with thunder, rain and wind.  We were going out at sea for an adventure on an island and explore what was on it.  We sailed North.  I was with my father, my mother, cousins, uncle and the captain of the ship.

I heard the thunder roaring and I saw another ship too.  Enormous waves crashed our ship into some rocks.  We called the captain.  We tried to lower a rowing boat to row it to the island, because there was a large hole and it started sinking.  We reached the island and we were out of danger.

At last, we were safe on the island.  We were waiting for the helicopter to come and save us.  We were tired, cold and excited.  Fortunately, the adventure ended well as we were going back home.  I learned that it is dangerous to go out at sea on a stormy day.

By Luca Perrone (during a Creative Writing lesson)

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