My classmate

I am a student and as students we all have classmates.  Our classmates are all different and together we make one big family, while we learn from each other.  I would like to introduce you to one of my classmates.

His name is Isaac and he is nine years old.  His birthday falls on the fifth of September and he lives in Siggiewi.  He has got brown hair and dark brown eyes.  He likes to wear his pyjamas.  Isaac is clever and funny.  He is an animal lover and he is moody too.  One thing he is really good at is diving.  His favourite hobby is playing with his pet and his favourite sport is swimming.  At school, he really enjoys the English lessons.  He wants to become a biologist to learn more about animals, when he grows up.

Isaac is a great friend.  He is like a brother to me.  I couldn’t have found a better class mate to sit next to me in class, and I truly hope that we will stay together during the years to come.

by Luca Perrone (during a creative writing lesson)

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