My restaurant is called Wickidy Hook. It is black decorated with bats, cob webs and cockroaches. My restaurant is in an underground cave. Witches help me, for example my best friend Lizzy. She helps me taking the orders. She is a bad witch. Just like me!

The chef is a giant talking tree. As waiters, I have two pumpkins. I have two scary cats as singers and a stinking pirate that instead of a hand he has a hook. The pirate plays the piano. Bad witches, talking trees, bad cats, one-eyed monsters, pumpkins and pirates are welcome in my restaurant. Warning if a person comes in, everyone will think he is edible.

I serve mice with cream, worms dip with garlic, crispy lizards in mango chutney sauce and bats liver. If you are in a big group you are in for a treat, oven baked rats……Along you can drink muddy water and pigs blood.

Meals can be enjoyed in the relaxed atmosphere of my candle lit restaurant. Kindly book your reservation to ensure your most comfortable seat with sharp-pointed rocky stones.

Do come and bring along friends….we can have spooky funny nights together…

by Yana May Cilia (during a Journaling session)


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