My classmate

I am a student and as students we all have classmates.  Our classmates are all different and together we make one big family while we learn from each other.  I would like to introduce you to one of my classmates.
Her name is Sheriden and she is nine years old.  Her birthday falls on the tenth of January and she lives in Siggiewi.  She has got brown, straight hair and light brown eyes.  She likes to wear a sparkle polo shirt, skinny jeans and high heal boots.  Sheriden is very calm like me and she is clever like my sister Martina and she talkative like my other friends.
One thing she is really good at is singing.  Her favorite hobby is dancing and her favorite sports is gymnastics.
At school she really enjoys the Maths lessons.  She wants to become a doctor or a make-up artist when she grows up.
Sheriden is a great friend – she is like a sister to me.  | could not have

found a better classmate to sit next to me in class.  I truly hope that we will stay together during the years to come.

Kristina Catania (during a Creative Writing lesson)

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