Weekly plan for Week 4


Oracy – At the bus station

Reading – Facts about cities

Grammar – Way Ahead Unit 3 – When is the next train?

Requesting/offering information, asking for/giving directions.

Comprehension –  The Storm

Creative Writing  – A Terrible Storm/Out at Sea (draft)


N29 Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100

N30 Addition & Subtraction

M1 Length (Shape Data and Measures)


Taħdit: X’inhuma l-leġġendi?

Qari: Senduq Kuluri

Grammatika – Nomi Kollettivi, il-Plural

Taħriġ il-Fehem – Il-Leġġenda ta’ Kalipso

Kitba Kreattiva – Inċident li rajt ( peer-response u kitba )


Kapitlu 4 – Mosè jmexxi l-poplu fit-triq t’Alla

Studju Soċjali:


Lessons by peripatetic teachers:

Monday 15th- Health and Safety lesson, Science lesson

Wednesday 17th – PE lesson, Art lesson

Thursday 18th – PSD lesson, Music lesson


Team Building Activities (Tuesday 16th October)

School Mass (18th October)


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