Science websites – Electricity

Week 15 – 13th till 17th January

English –

Grammar – Adverbs of Frequency

Comprehension – An invitation to a birthday party

Writing – Writing a postcard

Maths –

Minutes, Timetables

Malti –

Grammatika – L-Oppost

Taħriġ il-Fehem – Iz-zija Antida

Kitba – Nikteb Avviż

Reliġjon – 

Kap 5 – Il-Ħbieb Tagħna

Studji Soċjali –

It-Temp u l-Klima


Other lessons & Activities:

PSD and Science(on Monday),  Music PE (on Wednesday), Football skills (on Thursday), Sedqa Talk (on Friday)


This week we will start Show and Tell sessions in English. You have 5 mins to talk about something that you choose. Prepare yourselves.

World Book Day Competition – Get your A5 book (made according to the guidelines I gave you in December) by the 20th of January.



How to write a postcard

2nd Term – Week 14 – 7th till 10th January

English –

Grammar – using have & has + to (imperatives)

Comprehension –  Who cares anyway? / Don’t put Mustard in the Custard

Writing – Out at Sea / Writing an invitation (Short Writing)

Maths –

Shapes Nets, Telling the time, Digital and analogue clocks

Malti –

Grammatika – Aġġettivi

Taħriġ il-Fehem –Il-Beatles

Kitba – Nikteb invit


Kap 5 – Il-Ħbieb tagħna

Studji Soċjali –

Is-Sajd u l-Akwakultura reviżjoni / It-temp u l-klima

Other lessons:

Music & P.E. (on Tuesday), Art (on Wednesday),  Sedqa Talk (on Friday).

Come with P.E tracksuit tomorrow.

Important : Get your draft writing for the Book Competition.

Christmas Concert and Party

Photos of 2013 – Making Halloween Crafts

Hw for today – Wednesday 3rd December

English – A rainy afternoon Creative Writing – for tomorrow

Raising – Comprehension – Click on the link below and print the handout back to back. You can write on it.



Malti –  Stilel pġ 45 – Reviżjoni tal-Passat – fuq il-pitazz tal-Malti. Iktbu l-istorja  u agħmlu sinjal taħt il-verbi li tkunu ktibtu.


Tomorrow – Duq il-Qawsalla outing. Get your small bag with lunch and drink.  Get a plastic bag with you (in the small bag) for any booklets and tokens that the teachers at the Home Economics centre will give you. Come in full uniform.

Get also your school bag with all your HW , your notebook and your pencil case.


HW for today – Tuesday 2nd December

Malti – Komprensjoni – Il-Girlanda tal-Avvent

Ipprintjaw il-handout u tistgħu tiktbu fuqha stess.

Il-girlanda-tal-avvent – Komprensjoni


Maths  –  Mental Maths Test Questions + Revision

Print handout and work it out on your Maths copybook.  Keep handout in file for revision.

Mental Maths Test Questions Year 5


Christmas Crafts – Print these worksheets at home and make these Christmas crafts to decorate our classroom

Click on this  –  sb1906 


Then you can cut out shapes similar to these in this picture and design them any way you like. Be creative !



HW for today – Monday 2nd December

Malti – Stilel pġ 39 L- Għerq eż 1 u 2 fuq il-pitazz tal- Malti 2.  (Fl-ewwel eżerċizzju oqogħdu attenti għax l-ewwel tridu ssibu l-mamma – Huwa x’għamel – qabel ma ssibu l-għerq tal-kelma)


Maths – Bar graphs Revision – Click on this worksheet and print , then work it out – 

Studyladder – Display data using column graphs


English  -A rainy afternoon –  Click on this worksheet and print it. You have to write 120 words and divide your writing into 3 paragraphs.  (This writing is for next Thursday)

A rainy afternoon


Don’t forget to do your revision for Religion Test – Chapters 1 – 4.


Tally Charts and Bar Graphs – Online Games

Dear students

click on the links below to practice some bar graphs activities.


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