Week 15 – 13th till 17th January

English –

Grammar – Adverbs of Frequency

Comprehension – An invitation to a birthday party

Writing – Writing a postcard

Maths –

Minutes, Timetables

Malti –

Grammatika – L-Oppost

Taħriġ il-Fehem – Iz-zija Antida

Kitba – Nikteb Avviż

Reliġjon – 

Kap 5 – Il-Ħbieb Tagħna

Studji Soċjali –

It-Temp u l-Klima


Other lessons & Activities:

PSD and Science(on Monday),  Music PE (on Wednesday), Football skills (on Thursday), Sedqa Talk (on Friday)


This week we will start Show and Tell sessions in English. You have 5 mins to talk about something that you choose. Prepare yourselves.

World Book Day Competition – Get your A5 book (made according to the guidelines I gave you in December) by the 20th of January.



2nd Term – Week 14 – 7th till 10th January

English –

Grammar – using have & has + to (imperatives)

Comprehension –  Who cares anyway? / Don’t put Mustard in the Custard

Writing – Out at Sea / Writing an invitation (Short Writing)

Maths –

Shapes Nets, Telling the time, Digital and analogue clocks

Malti –

Grammatika – Aġġettivi

Taħriġ il-Fehem –Il-Beatles

Kitba – Nikteb invit


Kap 5 – Il-Ħbieb tagħna

Studji Soċjali –

Is-Sajd u l-Akwakultura reviżjoni / It-temp u l-klima

Other lessons:

Music & P.E. (on Tuesday), Art (on Wednesday),  Sedqa Talk (on Friday).

Come with P.E tracksuit tomorrow.

Important : Get your draft writing for the Book Competition.